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IGNOU Bachelor Degree Solved Assignments 2022- 2023 Download :-

BCA  Bachelor in Computer Application Download
BCOM Bachelor in Commerce Download
BED Bachelor in Education Download
BAG Bachelor of Arts Question Paper Download
BCOMG Bachelor of Commerce Question Paper Download
BSCG Bachelor of Science Download
BBARL BBA In Retailing With The Modular Approach Download
BAECH Bachelor of Arts (Hons) ECONOMICS Download
BAEGH Bachelor of Arts (Hons) ENGLISH Download
BAHDH Bachelor of Arts (Hons) HINDI Download
BSCBCH Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Biochemistry Download
BASOH Bachelor of Arts (Hons)(Sociology) Download
BAPCH Bachelor of Arts(Hons) Psychology Download
BAPSH Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Political Science Download
BAPAH Bachelor of Arts (honours) public administration Download
BAHIH Bachelor of Arts (HONOURS) HISTORY Download
BSWG  Bachelor of Social Work Download


IGNOU Master Degree Assignments Solutions 2022 – 2023  Download

MCA Master in Computer Application Download
MCA_New Master in Computer Application Download
MBA Master in Bussiness Administration Download
MCOM Master in Commerce Download
MEG Master of Arts in English Download
MHD स्नातकोत्तर कला उपाधि (Hindi) Download
MPS Master of Arts (Political Science) Download
MAH Master of Arts (History) Download
MSO Master of Arts (Sociology) Download
MAPC Master of Arts (Psychology) Download
MEC Master of Arts (Economics) Download
MPA Master of Arts (Public Administration) Download
MLIS Master of Library and Information Sciences Download
MAAN Master of Arts (Anthropology) Download
MAGPS Master of Arts (Gandhi and Peace Studies) Download
MARD Master of Arts (Rural Development) Download
MSCDFSM Master of Science Degree in Dietetics and Food Service Management Download
MSCCFT Master of Science (Counselling and Family Therapy) Download
MSW Master of Social Work Download
MSWC Master of Social Work (Counselling) Download
MADE Master of Arts (Distance Education) Download
MAAE Master of Arts (Adult Education) Download
MTTM Master of Tourism and Travel Management Download
MAPY Master of Arts (Philosophy) Download
MADVS Master of Arts (Development Studies) Download
MAWGS Master of Arts (Women and Gender Studies) Download
MAGD Master of Arts (Gender and Development Studies) Download
MSCMACS Master of Science (Mathematics with Application in Computer Science) Download
MAJMC Master of Arts (Journalism and Mass Communication) Download

Post Graduate Certificate Courses IGNOU Solved Assignment 2022 -2023 Download in PDF :

PGCBHT Post Graduate Certificate in Bangla-Hindi Translation Download
PGCPP Post Graduate Certificate in Patent Practice Download
PGCAE Post Graduate Certificate in Adult Education Download
PGCCL Post Graduate Certificate in Cyber Law Download
PGCCC Post Graduate Certificate in Climate Change Download
PGCGPS Post Graduate Certificate in Gandhi and Peace Studies Download
PGCMDM Post Graduate Certificate in Medical Management of CBRNE Disasters Download
ACPDM Advanced Certificate in Power Distribution Management Download
PGCGI Post Graduate Certificate in Geoinformatics Download
PGCAP Post Graduate Certificate in Agriculture Policy Download
PGCMHT Post Graduate Certificate in Malayalam-Hindi Translation Download
PGCIATIVI Post Graduate Certificate in Information and Assistive Technologies for the Instructors of Visually Impaired Download

Diploma Courses Solved Assignment IGNOU 2022-2023 Download

DMOP Diploma in Modern Office Practice Download
DCCN Diploma in Critical Care Nursing Download
DTG Diploma in Teaching German as a Foreign Language Download
DEVMT Diploma in Event Management Download
DIPP Diploma in Paralegal Practice Download
DBPOFA Diploma in Business Process Outsourcing — Finance and Accounting Download
DWM IGNOU Question Paper (Diploma in Watershed Management Download
DUL Diploma Programme in Urdu Download
DCE Diploma in Creative Writing in English Download
DIR Diploma in Retailing Download
DDT Diploma in Dairy Technology Download
DAQ Diploma in Aquaculture Download
DMT Diploma in Meat Technology Download
DNA Diploma in Nursing Administration Download
DNHE Diploma in Nutrition & Health Education Download
DVAPFV Diploma in Value Added Products from Fruits & Vegetables Download
DWED Diploma in Women’s Empowerment and Development Download
DAFE Diploma in HIV and Family Education Download
DECE Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education Download
DTS Diploma in Tourism Studies Download
DPLAD Diploma in Panchayat Level Administration and Development Download

Certificate Courses IGNOU Solved Assignment 2022- 2023 Download :

ACE Appreciation Course on Environment Download
ACPDM Advanced Certificate in Power Distribution Management Download
CFN Certificate in Food and Nutrition Download
CFS Download
CHCWM IGNOU Question Paper (Certificate in Health Care Waste Management) Download
CIT Certificate in Information Technology (CIT) Download
CNCC Certificate in Nutrition and Child Care Download
COF Certificate in Organic Farming Download
CPE Certificate in Persian Language Download
CRD Certificate in Rural Development Download
CAFE Certificate in HIV and Family Education Download
CBS Certificate in Business Skills Download
CCP Certificate in Consumer Protection Download
CDM Certificate in Disaster Management Download
CES Certificate in Environmental Studies Download
CETE Download
CFE Certificate in Functional English (Basic Level) Download
CHR Certificate in Human Rights Download
CIG Certificate in Guidance Download
CIS Certificate in Sericulture Download
CMSR Download
CNM Certificate Programme in NGO Management Download
CPF Certificate in Poultry Farming Download
CPLT Certificate Programme in Laboratory Techniques Download
CPVE Certificate Programme in Value Education Download
CTE Certificate in Teaching of English as a Second Language Download
CTPM Certificate Programme in Teaching of Primary School Mathematics Download
CTS Certificate in Tourism Studies Download
CIB Certificate in Beekeeping Download
CRUL Certificate in Russian Language Download
CLIS Certificate in Library and Information Science Download
CAHT Certificate in Anti Human Trafficking Download
CHBHC Certificate in Home Based Health Care Download
CVAP Certificate in Visual Arts – Painting Download
CETM Certificate in Energy Technology and Management Download
CWHM Certificate in Water Harvesting & Management Download
CIHL Certificate in International Humanitarian Law Download
ACPSD Appreciation Course on Population and Sustainable Development Download
CCITSK Certificate in Communication & IT Skills Download
CNIN Certificate in Newborn and Infant Nursing Download
CAL Certificate in Arabic Language Download
CJL Certificate in Japanese Language Download
CPATHA Certificate in Performing Arts – Theatre Arts Download
CPAHM Certificate in Performing Arts Hindustani Music Download
CPAKM Certificate in Performing Arts Karnatak Music Download
CPABN Certificate in Performing Arts Bharatanatyam Download
CKLC Certificate in Spanish Language & Culture Download
ACISE Advanced Certificate in Information Security Download
CUL Certificate in Urdu Language Download
CTRBS Certificate in Tribal Studies Download
APDF Awareness Programme on Dairy Farming Download
CCP Certificate in Consumer Protection Download
CMCHN Certificate in Maternal and Child Health Nursing Download
CLTA Certificate Programme on Life and Thought of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Download
CFAID Certificate in First Aid Download
CSWCJS Certificate in Social Work and Criminal Justice System Download
CFL Certificate in French Language Download
CCR Certificate in Community Radio Download
CGDA Certificate in General Duty Assistance Download
CGCA Certificate in Geriatric Care Assistance Download
CHHA Certificate in Home Health Assistance Download
CPHA Certificate in Phlebotomy Assistance Download
CSLC Certificate in Spanish Language & Culture Download
CGL IGNOU Question Paper (Certificate in German Language Download
CCLBL Certificate in Spanish Language & Culture Download
CCPD Certificate of Competency in Power Distribution (Electrical Technicians) Download
CPY Certificate Programme in Yoga Download
PGCCC Post Graduate Certificate in Climate Change Download
CFDE Certificate in Fashion Design Download