IGNOU MHI- (1,2,4,5) Solved Assignment 2019-20 (Combo Pack)Download
MHI-01 : Ancient and Medieval SocietiesDownload
MHI-02 : Modern WorldDownload
MHI-04 : Political Structures in IndiaDownload
MHI-05 : History of Indian EconomyDownload
IGNOU MA History 2nd Year Solved Assignment
MHI-03 : HistoriographyDownload
MHI-06 : Evolution of Social Structures in India through the AgesDownload
MHI-08 : History of Ecology and Environment: IndiaDownload
MHI-09 : Indian National MovementDownload
MHI-10 : Urbanisation in IndiaDownload
MPSE-003 : Western Political Thought (From Plato to Marx)Download
MPSE-004 : Social and Political Thought in Modern IndiaDownload


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Examination. It is therefore suggested that you do them within time. In M.A. first year you will

have to do a total of 4 assignments. We have given you a lot of time to do the assignments but we

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Last Date of Submission of Assignment

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